6 Songs About Rain by K A Laity

K A Laity, Music, Poetry, The Fall

6 Songs About Rain

(because I’m not one to ignore a summons from Mark E. Smith even if it was only a a dream)


Weird tales

Of the conjure woman

A Dæmonomania in Tideland

Waifs and Strays are

Tapping the Dream Tree

Memory & Dream in a

Soho black with rain


That day on the beach

When love seemed within reach

You told me you would never wear

That jacket with a single tear

Because imperfect things were wrong

I knew that was a goodbye song


All it does is rain every day

All I do is think about the things

We could never say


Everybody dance in the rain

Everybody dance in the rain

Everybody dance in the rain


Get wet get wet get wet


In the crystalline night

When all secrets have been told

Everything feels just right

And even the rain isn’t cold


It was always meant to be

You and me

Through the years or suddenly

You and me

In the sparkling day

When all the hours unfold

Everything feels just right

The hours make us bold



In the rain I draw the cards

The Fool to my left

The Devil to my right

Before me is The Star

I’m hoping for the Cups

But I’ve got nothing but Swords

Eight of them in my back

Then the Tower turns up


Shuffle them all again

I want another draw

Shuffle them all again

I don’t like this at all


[Instrumental obviously riffing on Chopin’s Prelude Op. 28, No. 15 with theremin and chimes]