Murder Is A Promise That Must Be Kept by Kristin Garth

Horror, Kristin Garth, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

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Murder Is  A Promise That Must Be Kept 


Sash into sill then you are sealed to sounds

of sisterhood found you once thought extinct, 

surreal reverie in satin nightgowns. 

You take a young hand.  Fingers fall down. Pink

feverish, wet, two rosettes round her cheeks.

Everyone whimpers.  Nobody peeks 

from nightmares, too weak to awake.  You sneak

about bedchamber, grinding a new beak,

affectation, trying to think — wannest

skin, punctures in veins, cannot lead them away 

until laudanum wanes. Murder is a promise

that must be kept.  It will happen today 

amidst collected unconscious kidnapped.

You lie in wait once you ready a trap.