The 2020 Red Hot Lockdown by Ian Lewis Copestick

Ian Copestick, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine


The 2020 Red Hot Lockdown

Well, it’s now official,
this is the hottest spring there’s ever been.
Yes it’s been quite special,
a red hot lockdown, the first we’ve seen.

Also, hopefully the last,
although no one knows just yet.
I hope this virus will be part of the past,
something we’ll sooner or later forget.

Something we tell our grandkids about,
you won’t remember, but …
I hope it’s gone, without a doubt,
and we’ll forget the queues, the masks and such.

Like WW2 was to people like me,
I’m glad it’s something I missed
something the oldies talk of endlessly
whenever they get pissed.

The 2020, red hot lockdown.
Let’s hope it’s soon history,
we’ll think of it with a frown,
just a long gone memory.