Three Poems by Mehmet Akgönül

Mehmet Akgönül, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine




I feel wide awake

when I am in danger

I tried very hard

to get rid of this boredom

all I need is temper

and little bit of blood

dripping from my angel

my body is like a cage

that can’t fit my soul

you know I have to feed

my greedy pride and emptiness

emptiness is like a gate

that goes to nothing

nothing but darkness itself

I am constantly digging

to find a way out or way in

I’m a nothing and free of flaws

like a black dot on a white page

the only thing obvious is me


Mehmet Akgönül




I can read all my taughts

like an old, hardback and dusty book

last night I underlined specifically this part

“I want to cry for my failures

but I don’t want to kill myself.”

I’ve thinking about it too much recently

what is needed to be free?

to use my wings to fly?

or to get rid of this boring life

that you think of as heaven

to cut my wings and cursing to God

with my free will and all of my pride

before crashing to the freedom

like fallen angels and abandoned children


Mehmet Akgönül




I tampered with the unknown

It made me forget what’s known

I started lose my reality

Can you lend me yours


Time, place and death

Unstoppable repetition of history

Perfect cycle of Ouroboros

And things that never happens


Have I been cursed by Goddess

Or am I rewarded with your presence

Everything ends or nothing ever happen

You are my salvation and my existential crisis


Mehmet Akgönül



Mehmet Akgönül is a poet who lives in Ankara, Turkey. He is studying at Hacettepe University Department of History. He worked as an editor and writer in an online newspaper GazeteHacettepe. His poems were published in Bosphorus Review of Books, The Nonconformist Literary Magazine, The Rye Whiskey Review and Punk Noir Magazine.

Twitter: @akgonulmehmet

Instagram: @mehmetakgonul