Metro Stop by Eoghan Lyng

Eoghan Lyng, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine


PhotoFunia-1591000525Metro Stop


Metro stop, metro stop,

You buy your ticket, that´s your lot.

On the platform, in the rain,

Singing songs again and again,

Until you reach the faithful station,

With accordion players, the pride of the nation,

Playing tunes of yesteryear,

Asking for one euro for a beer,

And a sandwich, wrapped in foil,

As you think of this mortal coil,

And the earth at its end of life,

And further down, comes the red light,

The metro stops for just a second,

And people walk and forget to mention,

Where they´re going and what´s the time,

And will they be back for dinner at half nine?

Not at this point of their life,

Not when there´s much to see before the light,

Has died away across Spanish roads,

“Que pasa” is shouted at all of those,

Who walk and sit and smile and eat,

And listen to the rhythm of the street,

As the wheels turn round and round,

Soon we´ll be approaching solid ground,

And off we walk, three stops travelled sat,

And now to do my ´this and that´s´,

Walking down a plaza in quicker pace

Until another ride at the night´s near  grace.