If in her agency, she chooses the sociopath by Eddie Vega

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If in her agency, she chooses the sociopath


If in her agency, she chooses the sociopath,

who beat her with open palm and word,

I will not interfere with reason or gesture.


Perhaps her heart has already fled back

or was never here…

And there’s nothing to discuss

Except what things to return.


If in her agency, she chooses the man who treats her

like spill on a barroom floor

(reasserting only what she feels about herself?)—


she’s no such thing!

she’s the light that fills every space she moves in!—


if that’s what she chooses,

if that’s what she chooses…


in her agency.

Eddie Vega is a Cuban-born writer with degrees in English literature, writing, and journalism from Brooklyn College (CUNY) and Columbia University. His poetry has been published in numerous venues including Pearson’s My Perspectives textbook, where the poem “Translating Grandfather’s House” quickly became a popular reading assignment in middle and high schools across the U.S. His news writing has appeared in Washington Post, T.V. Guide, The Tampa Tribune, Orlando Sentinel, and Austin-American Statesman. He is author of a novel, Awake Now, Sailor, and a book of poems, Translating Grandfather’s House and other Poems, Puntos, and Décimas, both published by Bare Knuckles Press.