Two Poems by Mehmet Akgönül

Mehmet Akgönül, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine
War about Peace
There was a man who trying to find peace
Every step he took brought him to the battlefield.
He lit a cigarette and then blew the smoke.
The smoke mixed with the smell of the corps.
“I think this would be my destiny,” he said.
A war about peace and flying bullets …
He opened his hands to the sky and prayed.
“God, take me to your garden and make me rest.”
Due to the noise of the battlefield ,
The God did not hear  him .
But the devil suddenly appeared and spoke .
“if you come with me you will suffer much less!”
The man searched for peace and begged God.
But his God was too busy to hear him and then he cried.
He decided to surrender himself to the mercy of the merciless devil.
“Maybe I could get rid of hidden villains who fought for peace.” he said.
A beam of light descended, and Archangel Gabriel grabbed the man by his arms.
With the touch of the angel, all the fear and anger of the man disappeared.
The man realized that God had heard him from the beginning
And then a voice echoed inside his head:
“Rise, My son! And sail to the land where peace is dominant.
 You deserved this by living the world.
 Those who live never find peace.
Because we scratched hell into your minds.”
Get me out of the cage I’m stuck with my own sick pride.
Sink with me to the most turquoise point of the sky.
Sail with me to the bottom of the dried ocean.
Don’t leave me alone in the yellow leaves of autumn.
All good old fashioned fairies are stuck in dusty tales
Come to me when all believed gods are abandoned,
Let’s applaud the prophets of destruction together.
Let’s escape from the shattered reality with gothic lullabies.
Mehmet Akgönül
Bio: Mehmet Akgönül is a poet who lives in Ankara, Turkey. He is studying at Hacettepe University Department of History. He has been the Representative of Hacettepe University Faculty of Letters since 2016. He worked as an editor and writer in an online newspaper GazeteHacettepe. His English poems were published in Bosphorus Review of Books and The Nonconformist Literary Magazine.
Twitter: @akgonulmehmet
Instagram: @mehmetakgonul