Lotus Girl by Age Of Gold

Alan Savage, Doug Maloney, Music, post punk, Punk Noir Magazine, Teesside

The  name, Age of Gold comes from the surrealist film by Luis Bunuel (1930).

Age of Gold is a trans-global collaboration between Sav (vocals and keyboards) and Doug Maloney (Guitars, bass, embellishments and mixing) The duo go back a long way in their musical partnership, when they were in The Flaming Mussolinis, who released two albums and five singles for Sony/Portrait/Epic back in the 80s.
Age of Gold’s music is created over the internet, with Doug Maloney (who lives in Sydney, Australia) sending backing tracks made in Garageband to Sav (in U.K), who then adds keyboards and vocals.

Having no home studio, Sav takes his laptop and mic and does the vocals in his car, in a convenient and discreet car park. Age of Gold prove that being a whole world apart does not stop you making music and where there is a will, and an internet connection, there is a way!

The duo have their first track, ‘Lotus Girl’  out now on all streaming sites. They are working to make a full album, to be released by summer 2020.