Neon Primitives by Band Of Holy Joy

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neon primitives
NEON PRIMATIVES is last part of a thematic trilogy which began with the 10″ Brutalism Begins At Home and continued with 2017’s Funambulist We Love You.
Johny Brown – vocals
Mark Beazley – bass guitar, backing vocals
James Stephen Finn – guitars, piano, backing vocals
Peter Smith – organ, synthesizers, backing vocals
Inga Tillere – visuals, collage, cover design

Produced by Band Of Holy Joy and Brian O’Shaunghessy
Executive Producer John Henderson
Recorded by Brian O’Shaunghessy at Bark Studio, London
Mixed by Mark Beazley and James Stephen Finn at Trace Recordings, London
Mastered by Stuart Moxham

Tiny Global Productions, 2019

Margin walkers and midnight drifters, Band of Holy Joy have wandered liminal landscapes of their own making for 3 decades now. The weirdness and wildness of the landscape they stagger through, the askew vision like a crash between Coleridge, Brecht and David Peace, the literary allusions and poetry, the strangeness of it all. A cultural piracy raiding doomed melancholy and gentrified mediocrity.
Band Of Holy Joy