Veridian: Novella: Anecdotes And Ripples Of Sound by Mark McConville

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Hang tight my son. Beware of this sick and swollen world. Youth is on your side, dreams can be met, but you must stave off addictive traits. Be better, do better, pay homage to your heroes, hang tight my son, as this story unfolds.

There’s more to this EP. More than sounds and beats, but incredible song-writing. It isn’t an average, one-dimensional soundtrack to a fluffy love affair. We are taken beyond the norm here. This isn’t a speculative judgement, but an assessment deeper than the void. An assessment which may be gushing, but worthy.

Veridian search for a place to rest their weighty heads and beaten bodies. The type of act, that manage to create atmospheric songs which resonate and become overplayed not in an obsessive way. Packing a punch is what they do impeccably, delivering morsels of soul and therapy, they do in a unified fashion. Unity is fundamental to any band, staying together when the world seems odd and chaotic, means forming trust and bonds, and throughout their new EP Novella, an everlasting feeling of togetherness spikes through these melodic, decisive, anecdotes and ripples of sound.

Sense is key. Overcoming barriers builds confidence. Novella exudes confident song-writing, but under its harmonic undercurrent, there’s many insecurities floating in and out of the sequence. We know Veridian as a band that hurt. And on occasion, dreams twist into despair. Novella, triggers many snapshots, pictures we don’t always find joyous, with that said, it is a record signifying enough hope to keep it above the line.

Drafting in five momentous songs may have been a painstaking task. Veridian have picked these songs with the utmost assurance. Their previous records were story fuelled and daring, but Novella, cranks up the stakes. And when even an EP works faultlessly, when a collection makes the listener come back again to hear harmony intertwine seamlessly with tuneful instrumentals, then all darkness can be put aside.

Novella may not be momentous in terms of sales or reception. It may never hit the glass ceiling, it may never form a ceaseless glow. By supporting the record in an organic fashion, by circulating it in a way which is gracious, will only raise respect for this hard-working band.

Novella opens loudly. Halo swings in, a song powerful in its delivery. Guitars are dutifully on form. Everybody is wearing halos and insecurities burn through the calmness. It’s a fine start. Curtains is the pinnacle. Not a straight-forward rock song. But one which has layers. Instrumentally sound, and a vocal masterclass is on show here. A perfect life is on the agenda, but a broken world is too frightening. Pavement epitomises sorrow and how it attacks the modest and the high-flyers. Someone has had enough of alcoholic tendencies shown by a man hell-bent on not halting his habit. Simple riffs maximise its credibility.

Novella by Veridian shows melody as a relevant competent to the act’s output. They’re a band mixing instrumentals and poetry to a high level, never gleefully shifting their sound to fit the masses.

Bio: Mark McConville is a freelance music journalist who has written for many online and print publications. He also loves to write dark fiction.

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