Marvin Northcutt, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

I received a letter today that hit me harder than I have ever been hit.

On a basketball court

On a football field

By dear Mama

In the street

Mr Marvin Northcutt we are pleased to announce, enclosed is your official card from the AARP.

I felt faint

I felt incontinent

They don’t just pass these babies out.

Mr Marvin Northcutt is 50 years of age .

It’s weird looking at my Government without that RT(R) at the end.

But I get the opportunity to put it back 9-4-2015 at 4:00pm.

And God has promised to return double for my trouble, and I believe him.

I am going to smoke it like my sister or my niece smokes a joint.

That’s on my word as a Christian and a ski superhero , home mountain the feared Jacksonhole in


I sent to The Hole for new colors , I won’t wear until showtime.

Those colors never run or hit the ground.



Always the hard way !

I have been known as Mr Marvin as a child , call me Marvin I would’nt answer.

Hit by 7 cars by the age of 11 never breaking my spirit or an arm.

But strengthened my resolve and made me harder and more ready for a cruel world.

In the Airforce I was known as pimp , because I was from Chi,Black and I arrived at basic training in a 120 dollar pair of red Foti’s ,lined in 2 toned suede.

I drove Mr Charley crazy

Sleeping in classes with a 70 percent washout rate.

85-90 AVERAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Never failing a single mental challenge or test !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have been known as The Diesel on the wood because once I got going I was hard to stop.

I have been known as Big Papa for my legendary exploits in Vegas.

The girls

Being mugged by women in clubs.

My sister thought I was joking , until she witnessed it 1st hand.

A chick named Dia kept blowing smoke in her face and looking for a reason to beat her down.

I said Beloved she is my sister.

She said : “ I knew she couldn’t be on your team.”

I told her ‘ my city,my town, Big Papa “

She was speechless.

If you didn’t have a college degree and make 6 fiqures , I would not accept your application.

Other dudes had to go to clubs

I worked in hospitals never missing a day,believe me (smile)

Prime clientele CCU nurses

Young girls 19 and up their beauty and their youth got their application approved.

Light skinned


Model pretty

Papa knew you

You knew of Papa

Young and old begging Papa for one more chance

I have been with the best.

The money

The juice

The celebrity

Everyone who was anyone, knew Papa.

I played ball with everyone from policeman to judges.

Was the x-ray tech at the Clark County Detention Center.

I could kill you on Las Vegas Blvd, in the afternoon, on a Friday, and walk away clean.

My city

My town

Big Papa

Not bad for a black shoeshine boy from the southside of Chicago.

I prayed one prayer to the G O D .

Let me be a baller please and he answered.

MY GOD IS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A homicide statistic waiting to happen.

I am a rose that grew thru a crack in the concrete.

Chi made me harder and taught me to be vicious and cruel,without prejudice.

The food was The Bomb

Girls like no other

And your boy has been around

I have been known as Mr Wonderful for my skill operating a portable x-ray machine in Alaska.

I have been known as Mr 360% because I rip mountains backwards often.

I have skied 16 states and 2 countries

I have a run named after me called “ Marvin’s Garden in “ at the feared Jacksonhole, in Wyoming.

I have been known as Marvin all I need is 1 Mike Northcutt Spoken Word Artist/Writer,

I rock stages and mikes.

I have had more aka’s than an author had arrows.

I was the first to pass the Airforce exam, in the history of Harper HS in The Chi.

I scored a 19 on my A C T, fresh from a night in jail.

Had an academic/athletic scholarship to Grambling.

I was a tightend , Doug Williams would have been my quarterback.

He was the 1st Black quarterback to win a superbowl.

If you don’t know now you know.

My mother talked me out of it.

I scored an 18.2 on my reading scores as a high school Sophomore.

That’s the level of a sophomore in college 2nd month.

I bet that was another school record, most could’nt read or barely.

My memory is so good it’s pornographic.

One read 80-90 percent retention, without study and never forgetting.

My father’s memory was photographic

Sorry for falling short O G.

I shined shoes from the age of 7 to 18 in bars in Indiana and Chicago.

I tell people and they laugh and say I have a vivid imagination.

I was definitely born with a golden spoon in my mouth.

My family and friends know it’s true.

I have eaten at Mcdonald’s .

I have eaten at the 4 Seasons at Jacksonhole, with the CEO and CFO of Porshe America.

I am friends with some of the best free skiers in the game.

I became a National traveling Radiology Professional with initials in my name.

Every 13 weeks

A plane

A car

A apartment

Per diem 25-35 a day

Salary 25-35 an hour

You offered me less, I would laugh and say thanx but no thanx, offer it to someone else.

I was known from Californ I a to Boston.

I played the game for years , not many Black males were allowed in this club.

MY GOD IS AWESOME !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Faced 10-20 years in prison and beat the charges.

Survived The Black Gangster Disciples in Chi.

Survived the beatings by policeman.

Beat Depression

Beat suicidal intentions

Beat societal expectations

Have eaten crab in Alaska and seen The Northern Lights.

Have swam with sharks in Hawaii,on purpose

Swam in the jungle in the Mexican Riviera.

Almost died countless times in the mountains and became a legend.

Lived my adult life in Las Vegas Nevada.

Never been drunk or high a day in my charmed life,50 years.

Haven’t been beaten, since leaving Chi.

Did I tell you that I received my AARP card in the mail today ?

I have a few questions.

I have yet to answer.

What new giants do I have to beat ?

What else do I have to master ?

My father died at 94.

If I don’t make 80 , I will be a failure.

What will I have to accomplish in my next 30 years ?

What will be my motivation ?

I am AUDI 5000

Always be encouraged