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Elisa Flynn is a musical and visual artist, known for her literary, historical and supernatural references and powerful vocals. Her sound, which has evolved and changed over the years, now follows a path towards a more electronic-based sound, especially with the Maelstrom single. Her layered vocals, guitars, synth loops and electronic drums lean towards her interest in cold wave and dance music, but still reflect her unique vision. Listen here:

Also – a video for Maelstrom is visible here  and will be released on 11/1/19.

After the release and tour of 2017’s feral pop The World Has Ever Been on Fire, she faced a year of intense heartbreak, financial insecurity and a brush with death that culminated in emergency surgery.  She played fewer gigs, and spent most of her creative time making a series of ink drawings of angry anthropomorphic animals, and recording in her home studio. Instead of starting all songs with a guitar as she had in the past, many of the songs were built up on a DAW, chopped, layered and reworked multiple times in an effort to create a new working method. That said, Maelstrom is heavily layered, where White Dress is open and haunting.

Elisa’s current interest is in writing songs mostly about women, reflective of the Me Too movement, and as an open diary of the experience of women growing and aging in our culture. White Dress is a rejection of expectations and tradition;  Animal is filled with physical longing for missing lover, and Maelstrom is a blind rage against love that will not be returned.

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