Happy Birthday by Ian Lewis Copestick

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It’s my Dad’s birthday today
He’s 78 years old.
Next week I will be 47.
Getting old is shit.
There are some good bits,
I think I’ve only been, not
Happy, but content since
I’ve been in my ’40’s.
Before that I spent way
Too much time worrying
About what people thought.
Now I really don’t care.
If I did, I wouldn’t have
Published a word. It’s
The physical aches and
Pains that get me down.
I fell off a stepladder
About five months ago,
20, or even 10 years ago
I would’ve laughed it off.
Not now, I’ve been hobbling
Around, in agony, ever
Since. It’s all part of the
Whole, I suppose.
You may get the wisdom
You may not, but you’re
Sure as shit gonna get
The pain.

Bio: Ian Lewis Copestick is a 46 year old writer from Stoke on Trent England.
Although he started writing poetry in 2001, he only started sending them out for publication 8 months ago. In this time he has had over 100 poems and 5 short stories published. He is featured in print anthologies by Alien Buddha Press and Horror Sleaze Trash. His first book Detritus Of The Drunken Night is OUT NOW, published by Cajun Mutt Press.
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Photo by Caryn on Pexels.com