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Bob Brazill, Indie, Leeds, Monomyth Records, Music, post punk, Punk Noir Magazine


‘We have been running our little label now for two years. We have supported 12 artists and helped them to develop in all aspects of their careers. Our bands have played major festivals throughout the country and are developing fantastic support within the local and wider live music scenes as well as gaining regular air play on national radio and featuring on BBC Radio’s live sessions. The roster has grown and the quality, talent and work ethic of our bands is truly amazing. The main issue affecting up and coming musicians has always been the monetisation of their art. In short …getting paid. As a label, we have invested our time and personal funds into developing our brand. As ever in life, these funds are finite and we would appreciate a helping hand as we move into the next phase of building reputations and careers with the aim to ultimately unlock revenue streams for our collective of artists. That’s where you come in. By paying a set amount each month, this will allow us and our artists to focus on the creative process knowing that some funding is in place. As a Patron you would be able to access music and exclusive content before release, either online, digital or physical. It makes you part of the creative process and there will be other reward incentives along the way. By becoming a Patron, you will directly help to support our artists and make sure that they can continue to make their music. It’s that simple. 
Bob Brazill.’