The Collared Kitten By Robert Alexander And Gabriella McCarthy

Horror, Non-fiction, Punk Noir Magazine, Robert Alexander And Gabriella McCarthy



Crystal a twenty something escapee from a section arrives in London and is taken in by The Collared Kitten – a prestige club for discerning and a secret clientele.

Picked by Robert Alexander to be his particular Kitten – over the space of 48 hours her life goes from penury to luxury.

Both her and Robert Alexander have deep dark terrifying secrets that are shockingly revealed in this beautifully brutal and erotic horrific interlude.

Erotic Horror though thought of as a new emerging genre has actually been traversed historically through literature since dot. Books such as Bramstoker’s Dracula have always been popular in all forms.

Writing this book, myself and my co author – Robert Alexander, were always mindful that there were lines never to cross but also were liberated and thoroughly engrossed in the taboos that ensued and the excitement of broaching difficult subjects.

The book we created is both highly sexual but also brutally horrific and strangely from the first word, this was our intention.

We knew we had to write the story but it developed naturally and we bounced off each other so easily that erotic horror was always the way forward.

The publishing industry are now taking a keen interest in this forgotten genre where at first they seemed reticent – as if scared to be the first to embrace the underworld of authors who were creating such pieces and seeking out platforms to be heard.

It’s heartening to see such talent being rewarded and hopefully it shall continue –  as the results are often fantastically unique and a treat for both the authors and the readers.