No, Really by Ian Copestick

Brit Grit, Flash Fiction, Ian Copestick, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine

It’s looking like Boris Johnson is
Going to be our next Prime Minister
My God ! It makes me feel ashamed
To be British. Him and Donald Trump
Are two of a pair. Two of the main
Leaders of the Western world are
Brain dead fuckwits with mad
Blonde, unmanageable hair.
When the aliens land and say
“Take me to your leader. ” They’ll
Take one look at this pair and say
” Come on, no really stop taking
The piss ! ” God ( if you are there
Please help us if that happens.)

Bio: Ian Lewis Copestick is a 46 year old writer from Stoke on Trent England.
Although he started writing poetry in 2001, he only started sending them out for publication 8 months ago. In this time he has had over 100 poems and 5 short stories published. He is featured in print anthologies by Alien Buddha Press and Horror Sleaze Trash. His first book Detritus Of The Drunken Night is OUT NOW, published by Cajun Mutt Press.