Short Story in a Song—Fountains Of Wayne’s “Little Red Light” by SW Lauden

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There’s nothing quite like falling down a musical rabbit hole. Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of Fountains Of Wayne. I got hooked on the band’s slacker power pop after hearing their self-titled debut in 1996, sticking with them all the way through their 2003 hit, “Stacy’s Mom.” That single lands them on a lot of “One Hit Wonder” lists these days, which is too bad since it’s definitely not their best song. Hell, it’s not even the best song on the album Welcome Interstate Managers. That honor goes to “Little Red Light.” It would make a great short story.

Our protagonist is another lost soul among the hordes of New York. Reeling from a recent break up, he goes through the motions at work and suffers through his daily commute. The rain pours down and the car radio might be broken, but it’s the tiny in-between moments throughout his days that truly test him. Desperate to hear from his ex, he repeatedly checks his various inboxes for non-existent messages. They say time will heal a broken heart, but for now he relies on the bottle hidden in his desk to kill the pain. It helps him feel numb, but doesn’t bring her back. It’s starting to seem like nothing will.

S.W. Lauden is the author of the Greg Salem punk rock P.I. series includes BAD CITIZEN CORPORATIONGRIZZLY SEASON and HANG TIME (Rare Bird Books). He is also the co-host of the Writer Types podcast. Steve lives in LA.
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