Ray Banks’ Cal Inness Quartet, by Paul D. Brazill

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saturday's child
Ray Banks is one of my favourite British writers and I was first introduced to his work via the Call Inness quartet. Never read, em? Well here’s what you’re missing out on.

Saturday’s Child – Cal Inness is fresh out of the slammer when he’s hired by gangster Morris Tiernan to track down a casino dealer who has done a runner with a wad of cash. Innes is a compelling, realistic anti-hero and Saturday’s Child is a cracking blend of social realism and character driven crime fiction.

Donkey Punch – Banks brilliantly follows up Saturday’s Child with an even more hard-hitting tale which drags the increasingly self-destructive Cal Inness across the Atlantic to Los Angeles, where he has to take care of a troubled,  up-and -coming boxing star.

cal innesNo More Heroes – As PI Cal Inness’ personal life spirals further out of control, racial tensions and violence escalate during Manchester’s hottest summer. Banks takes the two gritty crime novels that started this series to a new, intense level. This one goes up to eleven.

Beast Of Burden – Banks goes where most other crime writers fear to even contemplate in this powerful conclusion to his series. Inness is a physical and emotional wreck when he is hired to find Mo Tirenan, who has gone missing.  Dirty realism taken to its harrowing, brilliant extreme.

All in all, a  fantastic, Brit Grit crime fiction series.