3 Poems by Tissy Taylor

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Masquerade of Peace


In crevices and creases lonely breeds

Worn like pulled yarn stretched tautly at the seams

Fluttered remnants of wishes hoping to

land like an unfettered breeze she can’t see


Emptied Hope, her golden chalice lay bare

Vibrant the mask she wears, painted fear

The depth of sorrow unyielding, beating

heart dancing to sounds only she can hear


Fragrant desperation reeks of liquor

False Gods promising fulfilment and still

they bring only unhappiness tonight

Weary she is blind to pain, lost will


Seconds vibrate her skull, every breath

maddening and demanding her release

Searching for something, this tiny bottle

brings unto her a masquerade of peace



Amid Angels


Are there questions unanswered

Prayers for what I do not know

Every piece of my soul

Fighting to be someone loved


Seeds from a wish untaken

Floating in a wind unknown

Reaching to hold forever

Still I am feeling alone


Wanting only to break free

Little girl, can you please see

This lion amid angels

Tired hearts want to believe


Precious hours claim my soul

Dark the children who bow

Selling me to save our hearts

This child, broken I now doubt


Finally is forever

Shaken is this mind released

Festered lies my darling cries

Will you please deny this peace





Sometimes I live in the shadows

Wishing for what I do not know

Fragments of light spearing darkness

Filling me with a bit of hope


Every seed of doubt rises

Fumes from the city’s concrete floor

I am lost amid the rubble

Dead fish upon a sandy shore


Homeless praying for forgiveness

Seeking what is not really there

Pretending you really matter

A cancer like a thorn despaired


Take my breaths from my weighted chest

Lift me from this summer slumber

Hold my lonely against your brow

Counting down the final number


Poor man who marries my daughter

Take the cow, forgive me my sins

Blessed darling, father’s orphan

Waiting for my life to begin


Bio: Communications Manager/Business Analyst for Automotive Industry giant. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada. Writing since I could hold a crayon in my hands. Penned a weekly family column in two community newspapers. Writing poetry is my passion. My first book of poetry “Madness, Chaos Unravelled” published June 2018 and my second collection “Used Wings” coming in March 2019