Punk Lust @ Museum of Sex, NYC by Graham Wynd

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2018-11-30 19.20.42
The new exhibit at the Museum of Sex in NYC has a lot to offer. Anger may be an energy, but lust is too. This show crams a lot of it into a relatively small space. Everything from vintage posters and adverts to memorabilia shows the overlaps between punk, DIY zines, the burgeoning 70s porn industry (AKA how home video became an industry) and glossy mags.
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Everything the orgasm addict needs: Johnny Thunders’ black leather jacket, badges from bands, glories from Vivienne Westwood & Malcolm McLaren’s SEX shop where the marketing of punk as product began. Veers American but not totally. Nice vintage pages of Patti Smith, glam shots of Debbi Harry and Joan Jett, a full size stand-up of Iggy whipping it out, lad mag spreads, interviews with everyone from Poly Styrene to Wendy O. Williams, and even a flyer for Edith Massey appearing with ‘her all-girl punk rock band’.
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Fun stuff: more pictures on my Facebook page.
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