Poetry: Cigarettes and Photographs by Eoghan Lyng

Eoghan Lyng, Noir, Poetry, Punk Noir Magazine


The balloon. Silhouettes.

In a ballet lain grass field dance.

Cigarettes. Bursting to fire.

The life from the green great balloon.

So soon she flies, the sooner she dies.


One shot for beauty, the other pain.

A lens cleansed sucker closes

Down the flash. It ends. Still, it ends.


Wiped cigarette lashes, teeth brushes,

Painting the grime from the child.

A mind made lowly beheld.


Her tears on the blood stained hand

That a ring had coldly fallen fell

From the Hamburg winds, a memory

Sensed that the sins of a photograph

Shadowed their love.


One shot for beauty, the other pain,

And a lens felt freed from a need

To express the beauty in pain.